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Win the hearts of customers with the modern Spark Pay mobile payment formula.


After all, your satisfied customer… is your loyal customer.

Spark Pay. New quality in transaction service.

The Spark app is one of the fastest transaction management tools on the market. Thanks to the Spark Pay payment formula, the customer can pay… in 3 seconds. And you will improve the quality and shorten the time of transaction service. So, shall we start?

What are you looking for?

QR payments. Efficient like never before.

Suitable for all types of transactions, Spark QR payments allow for quick and contactless payments at the point of sale.

All the customer needs to do are these two steps:


Scan the unique QR code at the sales point (POS)


Confirm the payment in the app.

Done. In 3 seconds.

After the transaction, instead of a paper document, the customer can receive an e-fiscal receipt or e-invoice directly to their account from you. We also handle fleet cards.

Spark x Avia. QR payments for gas stations.

Fuel up, pay and go. Spark Pay payments at the pump are now available at selected AVIA gas stations.


Robert Nowek

Managing Director Avia PL&UA

The implementation of Spark Pay mobile payments at the pump at AVIA gas stations will undoubtedly mean an improvement in the quality of service for our customers and the attractiveness of the entire network. This time-consuming stage of payment for the fuel will be entirely transferred to a convenient and intuitive application – just a few clicks to complete the transaction without leaving the pump.

Thanks to online fiscalization, e-fiscal receipt module and e-invoice solutions, both our retail and business customers will be able to use the solution. We are very pleased with our cooperation so far – the people developing Spark are professionals

We work with:




Available soon.

...and we can integrate with your station's system

Tangible benefits. As per your expectations.


  • Better quality and speed of service
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Expanding the target group
  • Possibility to reach over 100,000 users of the Spark application




  • Shorter payment processing
  • Possibility to issue e-receipts and e-invoices automatically instead of printing receipts
  • Possibility to manage fleet cards and special discounts for customers in the app

Low entry threshold into modernity

  • The cost of providing the service is over 95% lower compared to investing in the construction and maintenance of a proprietary solution
  • Easy implementation: ready-made solution and possibility of integration through API
  • Possibility to replace investments in costly self-service stations with card terminals

E-receipts for transactions. Replacing paper.

Thanks to the cooperation of Spark and HUB, you can also add a system of e-receipts to the payment module. This will shorten the customer service process and reduce the costs of fiscalization at the point of sale.

The fiscal e-receipt issued within our repository:


More than 100,000 users


Average app rating of 4.8/5


Over 1,400 user reviews

The Spark app is used for convenient mobile payments, including:

  • paying for fuel at the gas pump


  • paying for e-TOLL highway tolls (until the end of June 2023)


  • making donations to charitable organizations (in cooperation with


The payment service provider for Spark Pay is Przelewy24.


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How to buy your e-ticket with Spark?

1. Go to Usługi → e-bilet: choose your route and other details.

2. Confirm the payment for your motorway ticket.

3. The e-ticket is ready – and that’s all!

4. You can access your e-ticket at all times in the Historia tab.