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e-TOLL tickets

e-TOLL tickets

  1. Download the Spark app or update it to the latest version.
  2. Open the app and sign up using a Polish telephone number.
  3. Add card details which will later be used in purchasing the e-ticket. The card registration is a one-time process.
  4. Go to the “Usługi” tab in the lower right section of the screen. Then, in the box under the e-TOLL logo, choose “Kup bilet.”
  5. Choose the country where your car is registered, the vehicle category, input your license plate number and then press “Dalej”. You can also download them in .pdf format.
  6. Finish the transaction. All of your e-tickets are available to browse in the “Historia” tab in our app.

The e-TOLL tickets, which you can buy in Spark app, are eligible for two toll sections of state highways: A2 Konin-Stryków section and A4 Sośnica-Wrocław section.

The e-ticket is valid for 48 hours from the start date indicated in the app. Important to remember: both entering and leaving the highway must happen within the 48-hour time frame.

No, at any moment! Contrary to other available solutions (e.g. e-TOLL, Autopay etc.), we do not use geotracking, nor do we require additional marketing consent from you when using the e-ticket functionality. We take care of your data privacy.

No. You receive your e-tickets before even starting the journey so the app can be turned off while you are driving. Drivers’ security is our priority.

Yes. You can buy the e-ticket for any person (e.g. for an elderly family member or someone from abroad who does not have a Polish telephone number). E-ticket buying process remains the same as for yourself – however please check if the vehicle registration number of that person, the route, and date are correct.

Payment of the highway fee is controlled by verifying the vehicle registration number. Therefore, the person you have bought the tickets for does not need to have the e-ticket on them. Of course, for their convenience, you can send the e-ticket to that person by downloading the e-ticket to .pdf format directly from the app or by using the “screenshot” function on your smartphone.

In order to pay for an e-ticket in Spark app, you need to register any Visa or Mastercard card. Card registration is a one-time process. Our main goal is to offer comfortable “one-click” direct card payments for each transaction. 


In the near future we will introduce other means of payment, too.

For the time being, the latest version of our app is available in the following regions:


  • iOS: Poland only
  • Android: Poland, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands


We are considering extending the scope of regional availability to other EU countries. Now, if you travel to Poland from countries other than those mentioned above, or you simply don’t have a Polish phone number, you can ask your friend or relative in Poland to buy the e-ticket for you in the Spark app.


Important to remember: when signing up in the Spark app it is necessary to have a Polish phone number (starting with +48), regardless of the region.

Yes, it is now possible to export your e-tickets in .pdf format directly from the app. In order to do so, go to the “Historia” tab, choose the right e-ticket and click on the “PDF” button to start the download.

Important to remember: drivers do not have to carry the e-ticket once their car is registered. The highway fee payment is controlled by verifying the vehicle registration number, not the ticket itself or its visualisation.

No fiscal receipts or invoices are issued for toll sections of state highways operated by the Head of the National Revenue Administration, regardless of the method of paying for the toll. Moreover, these fees are not subject to VAT.


The proof of payment of the toll for the highway is the highway e-ticket in Spark application, which includes, among others, information about the route and the registration number of the vehicle. The e-ticket can be the basis for settling the company’s operating costs.


The e-ticket is available within the app itself but it is also possible to export your e-ticket in .pdf format. In order to do so, go to the “Historia” tab, choose the right e-ticket and click on “PDF” button to start the download

Yes, you are now able to receive monthly summary reports of purchased e-tickets thanks to a new functionality in the app. The reports will be sent to your email address after the end of each month. We are the only provider offering this solution free of charge. 


In order to turn the functionality on:

  1. Open the Spark app and click on the Menu icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on the “Profil” tab and check if your email address is correct.
  3. Select “Wysyłaj zestawienia biletów e-TOLL”


Done! Monthly reports in .csv format will be sent to the email address indicated in your profile.


You can also download single tickets in .pdf format in the “Historia” tab.

Yes, you can buy as many e-tickets as you wish to, up to 60 days in advance. Each e-ticket, however, needs to be bought separately. E-tickets are valid for 48 hours from the start date indicated in the app.

No, fleet cards are not accepted in Spark at the moment.


Companies can take advantage of monthly summary reports of purchased e-tickets sent via email after the end of a given month.


We can also implement interim payments for larger entities. Get in touch with us if interested:

A correct card registration process should go as follows: 


  1. You enter your card details.
  2. You’re redirected to your bank website (card issuer) to go through the 3DS process. This process usually requires mobile authentication, meaning confirming the transaction in your bank mobile app or entering SMS code sent by your bank. In this process the card is temporarily charged 1 PLN which is automatically re-charged back to your bank account just after the process is finished.
  3. Your card is added, and the registration is successfully finished.


If, after many trials, you still encounter problems adding your card, please contact us via We will be happy to help.

Card registration in our app is free of charge. According to Spark Terms of Use, due to security reasons, in the registration process each card is temporarily charged with an amount no higher than 1 PLN. This amount is immediately re-charged back when the card is successfully registered. As this process is bank-dependent, it may take up to 3 working days to receive the money back.


Such card registration process is compliant with all the formal requirements of EU directive PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2).

Yes, the law provides for a possibility of buying the e-ticket retrospectively in an emergency. In the e-ticket buying form in Spark app where you choose, among others, the highway number, you also need to enter the ticket start date. This date can be shifted back up to 5 days.


Each ticket is a one-time ticket, valid for 48h from the indicated start date. Important to remember: both entering and leaving the highway must happen within the 48-hours time frame.

Of course! In Spark you are able to:


  1. Receive monthly summary reports of purchased e-tickets. Each report is sent to your email address after the end of a given month. We are the only provider offering such solution free of charge. In order to turn the functionality on, go to “Profil” tab.
  2. Download single tickets in .pdf format (“Historia” tab)
  3. If your company buys large quantities of e-tickets or has a car fleet, we can implement a dedicated interim payments system for you in order to settle the e-tickets costs. Contact us for more details:


The e-TOLL system in the Spark application applies only to light vehicles, i.e. passenger cars and motorcycles.

Spark is the official partner of Siepomaga Foundation and – the largest charity aid platform in Poland. Thanks to this partnership we’ve been able to to implement the e-donation function in the application, which allows you to regularly support over 50 charity organisations.


The e-donation function has been defined with the slogan „Support with one click”. All it takes to make a donation to any charity you choose is one click. Quickly and conveniently.


Making e-donations (e-darowizny) in the Spark app gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the Personal Income Tax (PIT) or Corporate Income Tax (CIT) tax relief.

Yes, thanks to the partnership with Siepomaga charity platform, we send one collective certificate of all donations made for a given year. This document entitles you to take advantage of PIT or CIT tax relief. Our solution is one of the few on the market that, on one hand, allows you to conveniently support various charities and, on the other, allows you to reduce the annual tax thanks to one collective certificate!


You can also download the certificate by entering your e-mail address at: The e-mail address must match the one entered in the Spark app (you can check it in your Profile in the app menu).


Each donation through e-darowizny service in the Spark app is a public benefit donation – you are entitled to a tax deduction that reduces the amount of income up to 6% (natural persons) or up to 10% (companies).

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