E-receipts for e-commerce. Extensively.

Meet the e-receipt – a modern, full-fledged alternative for paper receipts, available for your business.

Up to 80% lower fiscalisation costs, improved logistics and reduced carbon footprint. Sounds interesting?

Mateusz Tałpasz

Mateusz Tałpasz

SmartLunch CEO

2022 was a year of dynamic growth for SmartLunch. We’ve reached the stage where we execute over 130,000 transactions a week. With such a volume of transactions maintaining a traditional fiscal register with printed receipts became a nightmare. Handling only this one process would require the time of one full-time employee. 

The implementation of the e-receipt service provided by Spark solved our problem and at the same time improved the quality of SmartLunch services. Both during the implementation and process troubleshooting we could always count on the partnership approach and professional support of the Spark team. We’re glad that boxes full of receipt paper rolls are now just a memory.

Wizualizacja e-paragonu fiskalnego dla marki Phlov

Discover the e-receipt. Wonder at the possibilities.

Spark repository and e-receipt system is a universal and comprehensive solution – the only one fully compliant with Polish regulations.

E-receipt: key information

Completely replaces paper receipts

Streamlines the fiscalisation process

Suitable for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar transactions

Full regulatory compliance

Accessible to the buyer via selected means, e.g. e-mail – does not require a dedicated app

Streamline the fiscalisation processes.
Save up to 80%.

E-receipts: Key benefits


Up to 80% lower costs.


Streamlined processes.



Benefit from automatisation. Forget about paper.

E-receipt: How does it work?




Any questions?

Wizualizacja e-paragonu fiskalnego dla marki Maczfit

Implement extensively.
Like never before.

Possibility of direct integration through our API

Custom plugins for e-commerce platforms, e.g. BaseLinker, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, TrisoSHOP or Droplabs

Possibility of operating multiple fiscal printers

Compatibility with leading fiscal devices (Novitus, Posnet)

Choose a plan for your business.
Made to measure.



For smaller or
emerging businesses

89 PLN / mo.

Package of 1000 e-documents / mo.

14-day free trial

  • Plug-ins for e-commerce platforms
  • Support of online fiscal printers
  • E-document maintenance for 3 years
  • Detailed onboarding documents
  • Viable API integration (+99 PLN/mo)
  • 0,29 PLN per e-document exceeding the plan



For medium-sized
and big companies

390 PLN / mo.

Package of 5000 e-documents / mo.​

14-day free trial

  • All features of the Starter plan

  • Viable API integration (free of charge)
  • Consultations package

  • Viable implementation for brick-and-mortar and m-commerce

  • Support for up to 2 NIP within one implementation
  • 0,19 PLN per e-document exceeding the plan



Individual solutions
for industry leaders

from 790 PLN / mo.

Cost per e-document from 0,01 PLN

14-day free trial

  • All features of Advanced and Starter plans
  • Complex implementation assistance iWe provide comprehensive implementation services:

    1) Planning consultancy

    2) Support in integrating the store with the Spark HUB and its configuration

    3) Testing: a dedicated Sandbox and test fiscal registers

    4) Maintenance of all the services and monitoring
  • Supporting multiple stores and fiscal printers
  • Viable support for dedicated SLAs

Our partners:

Reduce your carbon footprint. Go green.

Reduce CO2 footprint

Save our environment

Production of thermal paper requires cutting down 800,000 m2  of forest area and consumes 31 million liters of water every year.  In addition, thermal paper used in receipt printers is not suitable for recycling

Protect peoples' health

88% of the presence of harmful Bisphenols (BPA, BPS) in human organisms is caused by contact with printed receipts. These substances increase the incidence of cancer and infertility.


Do you have any questions? 
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Leave us a short message – we will get back to you shortly.

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How to buy your e-ticket with Spark?

1. Go to Usługi → e-bilet: choose your route and other details.

2. Confirm the payment for your motorway ticket.

3. The e-ticket is ready – and that’s all!

4. You can access your e-ticket at all times in the Historia tab.