E-receipts for e-commerce. Extensively.

Meet the e-receipt – a modern, full-fledged alternative for paper receipts, available for your business.


Measurable benefits, frictionless implementation, no risks. Sounds interesting?

Wizualizacja e-paragonu fiskalnego dla marki Phlov

Discover the e-receipt. Wonder at the possibilities.

Spark repository and e-receipt system is a universal and comprehensive solution – the only one fully compliant with Polish regulations.

E-receipt: key information

Completely replaces paper receipts

Applicable to both e-commerce and brick and mortar stores

Full regulatory compliance

Document is issued regardless of form of payment

Spark repository handles e-receipts as well as e-invoices

Streamline processes, reduce costs.
Starting now.

E-receipts: Key benefits


Lower costs.


Streamlined processes.



Use both as a client, and as a business. Conveniently.

E-receipt: How does it work?




Masz pytania?

Wizualizacja e-paragonu fiskalnego dla marki Maczfit

Implement extensively.
Like never before.

Possibility of direct integration through our API

Custom plugins for e-commerce platforms, e.g. PrestaShop or WooCommerce

Compatibility with leading fiscal devices (Novitus, Posnet)

Choose a plan for your business.
Made to measure.



For small, emerging
or seasonal businesses

99 PLN / mo.

oriOur Starter Plan allows for two ways of settlement.

1) Monthly subscription of PLN 99 with a package of 200 e-documents

(Each additional e-document over will be charged 0,89 PLN)

2) Settlement per e-document with a fixed rate of PLN 0,89

0.89 PLN per e-document

  • 200 e-documents monthly package (subscription model only)
  • Plug-ins for e-commerce platforms
  • Support of fiscal printers
  • E-document maintenance for 6 years
  • Detailed onboarding documents



For medium-sized
and big companies

390 PLN / mo.

0.39 PLN per e-document over the plan

  • All features of the Starter Plan

  • 2000 e-documents monthly package

  • Viable API integration

  • Consultations package

  • Viable implementation for brick-and-mortar and m-commerce



Individual solutions
for industry leaders

from 890 zł / mo..

Cost per e-document below 0,05 PLN

  • All features of Advanced and Starter Plans

  • Unlimited consultations

  • Full periodical reports of the fiscal process

  • Viable support for e-invoices and dedicated SLAs

They support us:

Spark e-receipt system answers the needs of a modern online shop: removing paper receipts can improve logistics and reduce costs, while at the same time promoting ecological values and a zero-waste approach.

The collaboration and involvement of Przelewy24 in the development of this service is no accident – we recognize its huge potential in the e-commerce industry.

Jacek Kinecki, 
CEO of Przelewy24

Reduce your carbon footprint. Go green.

Preserve trees

Protect your health

88% of the presence of harmful Bisphenols (BPA, BPS) in human organisms is caused by contact with printed receipts. These substances increase the incidence of cancer and infertility.

Save our environment

Thermal paper used in receipt printers is not suitable for recycling. In addition, its production requires massive amounts of water.

Do you have any questions? 
Get in touch with us.

Do you have any questions about our e-receipt system? Or maybe you would like to know the specifics of its implementation?

Leave us a short message – we will get back to you shortly.

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How to buy your e-ticket with Spark?

1. Go to Usługi → e-bilet: choose your route and other details.

2. Confirm the payment for your motorway ticket.

3. The e-ticket is ready – and that’s all!

4. You can access your e-ticket at all times in the Historia tab.